Saturday, January 2, 2010

A new year full of crazy

We, we did it. We started the new year with a bang. Had a little get together with friends. Stayed up and greeted the year year with cheers and fireworks. Even had a fireworks grand finale that lasted about 5 seconds (it was pretty funny at the time).

Starting the new year with friends and family. Watched LSU play in the mud bowl. Ate some good food, yes.

Started the new year with ... swine flu. Or so I have diagnosed it to be such. Thanks to countless websites I have decided that Paul has swine flu. He definitely has the flu. which one is not clear but all his symptoms are the ones listed for swine flu.

I hope he gets better soon. Paul is not good sick. I hate when he gets sick. First I hate the fact he is actually sick and then the way he is when he is sick. He is stubborn. He is ultra sick. I don't know what to do for him. He likes to take things that I don't take like nose spray. Oh yuck. Hate that but he uses it when he gets stuffed up.

I pray he is better. It is painful to see someone you love like that. And he is quarantined. Must keep the girls away so they can stay well. Motive - wellness and attendance at school come Monday.

I must say that since Christmas day life in the crazy house has been tempered a bit by the wonderful invention know as Wii. Wii has entertained my children for countless hours already. They have over 50 Mii folk. They are battling it out, golfing, playing basketball, and shooting arrows. They are getting more exercise than I am (well until today when I must have walked back and forth to our room about 50 times now). I will use the Wii when they go to school. Already have my Mii set up. She is a bit pudgy. Need to slim her down.

I am not making resolutions this year. They are just guilt laced in disguise. I know what I need to do. I need to have a sit down with God and work those things out.

I do have hope that this year will be a better one. If I am more optimistic, then it can only better be better with that mere change alone. We are healthy (well except for the flu, colds and coughs we all have), alive, our needs are met and we are loved. Thank you God for giving us that and so much more.

A house full of crazy will continue to be such this year. Here's to an adventure!

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