Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's been awhile but wanted to be sure you caught this

Y'all. I have tried so many times to get to my blog and write. Always something gets in my way - work, family, laziness. I have the itch to write but it just doesn't get done.

Today I had to blog. I had to be sure that this did not get away from any of you as it almost did me. Check this out: http://realestate.msn.com/blogs/listedblogpost.aspx?post=1417410&_blg=1,1417410 .

Now I know it is Christmas time and we all have budgets or extended spending but you might want to put the brakes on and direct your funds into this baby.

Seriously. What the heck are we doing anymore? How can we be more ridiculous and outrageous?

If you have the cash to do this, please think about all the needy charities and ministries in this world. I think Brangelina would agree. Otherwise .... really... a sculpture incorporating smashed glasses and DNA? Why am I even surprised?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

How much more can I get frustrated? (Maybe I should not ask....)

Y'all. I am at my peak. The summit. The edge. The end of my rope.

And today it is all because of FedEx. This breakdown brought to you by FedEx - a champion of aggravation!

I use FedEx because:
1. The drop off is blocks away from my house - the house full of crazy. I can walk when it is not sweltering outside. (Let me refer you to my previous post - 2 months ago.)
2. I have an account there and don't need to worry about paying.
3. It is easier to use FedEx ground that USPS.

It has been quite awhile since I have used FedEx until last week. As I normally do I fill out a slip, either online or by hand, pack up my package, drop it off and charge it . Easy cheesy.

I received a letter this week from FedEx. The credit card on the account has a problem and that I needed to go online to pay the charges or call FedEx. I chose go online.

The online experience was so trying. I input my email address. Could not be found. I input my other address - could not be found. OK. I sign-up, input all required info, input my account number and input the last 4 digits of my credit card. I assumed (silly me) they meant the credit card I wished to use on the account, seeing that I had to register the account online and it did not have any info tied to it. I hit submit and it asked me again to input the last 4 digits. I did that and it takes me back to the registration prompt. I quit. I did it all again and I get back to the prompt. Quit. Did it again. Yelled at the monitor. Ok. Three times I am the idiot now. So I decided to call.

I spoke with a rep, rather quickly I might have to say. She asked me the name on the account, to verify the address, and the last 4 digits of the credit card number on file. I did not know the last 4 digits. We opened that account umteen years ago. I do not even know what card has the issue - has it expired, is it the one we had to have renewed due to fraud? I do not know. She said she can't help me unless I had an invoice number or the cc #. I told her that I did not have an invoice, that I drop off my packages and that is that. She said she can not help me. Sorry. FedEx policy. Sorry. Policy. Sorry. Sorry.

Now let me refresh your memory. We received a letter stating I need to contact FedEX to give them new credit card info. I was calling to put the new credit card on the account so they can charge me. FedEx wouldn't go any further with me because I did not know what credit card I used years ago on the account. Is it me or does anyone else see the Catch 22 in this? I searched files, I pulled out old cc #s. I get madder and madder.

Then I have a thought - check the mail. Voila - an invoice. I give said invoice number to her and miraculously we can get through everything else as needed. All I needed to know now was could the charges on the account be put on the cc. I had to be transferred.

As I waited she came back on about 5 times to say she was trying to connect me but she was having phone trouble. (Did I say yet that it sounded like she was whsipering through a can rolling in gravel during all of this but when she put me on hold, Beethoven's 5th was on the highest volume the phone could tolerate before exploding the speaker out?) Finally I heard breathing (really I did) and I said "hello". The agent said"umm hello". I said "hello" and Beethoven blasted me off the receiver. I waited and she came back and then Ludwig was back. Finally she came back (hallelujah) and asks if I wanted to put the charges on the card. She took care of all and we were done.

The call alone took about 20 minutes, in all about 40. 40 minutes of my life I will not have back again. Couple that with the Sprint "courtesy" call I got today from somewhere outside of the US. Well, if he was not outside the US, then he was definitely not from the US. (I love all people from all over the world but dang nab - please- if someone works in customer service, sales or support - please, for the love of God and all that is good - please speak English correctly, audibly and with understanding. I know everyone needs a job but some jobs require English speaking skills.) I tried to kindly twart the call but ended up a 20 minute excrusiation instead.

I told him I was at work and he wanted to know if he could call me tonight. Sure - let me kick back tonight and talk with you while the kids need a bath, dinner needs to be made, homework needs assistance and to be checked, so you can tell me why since I am a valued Sprint customer, you need to sell me a new line for $9 a month for a family, friend or loved one. They'll even throw in a new phone (which believe me was so dang tempting since I have a hate/hate relationship with my phone) but I explained that I am just waiting for Paul's contract to expire and for the day that I accidentally drop my phone behind the tire of my van and roll over the stinking thing so I can get an iphone.

Why is everything so dang difficult these days? Why is customer service taking a national plunge? Why is technology making my life harder instead of easier? Why are other people who I am in no way related to, aquainted with or have any connection other than we are from the same species sucking time out of my day?

So all this has driven me to blog. Pretty or eloquent -no. Therapeutic - yes.

Got to go now. Time to experience life and gather more blog fodder. Have a customer service/telemarketing-free night all. Dah Dah Dah Dahhhh.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's too hot y'all!

Happy July 5th. Thought I would give the 5th a day of attention since the 4th got so much.

Summer is fully here my friends in the tropics of south east Louisiana. Last week I spent the weekend in a cabin in the swamp. Notice I say in the cabin. Well it would have been too difficult to crop (scrapbook) outside anyway but we really did not venture outside except to get better cell phone reception. (Side note - why is it that when you can't get tower or whatever it is that you need to make a phone call, you can text?) Back to the swamp - we did not go out also because it is so dang hot. Africa hot. The kind of hot when you walk outside you immediately start sweating. Now I am no fan of sweat, it's ok. But faucet pouring sweat down the face, the head from the scalp, behind the knees, even down the back is just yuck, if you do not have workout clothes or a bathing suit on. Today we looked at weather.com for the forecast - 96 degrees (another side note - how do you type the symbol for degrees? Anyone?) with 66 % humidity. Heck - you can drink the air with that much humidity.

This past week, well for most of it, it has been unbearably hot. I just want to say to anyone who HAS to work out side for a living - I feel so badly for you. Please drink a lot of water and find some shade. Actually if you can find shade it is not as bad. Who am I kidding? I was under a house (elevated) yesterday and last night and it was hhhhooooottttt.

The girls have been a bit bored and have decided that fighting at any given chance would help wain the hours away. I have threatened all sorts of punishments but one really is effective - "You will have to go outside for the rest of the day if you don't stop ....." Now surely you know that I would not just throw them out of the house into the back yard. I would be sure they had water. No really I can't do that unless there was a water feature in the backyard like, ummm, a hose. Even peace and quiet is thwarted by the dang heat.

What scares me most of all is the electric bill. I dread getting it. I know it will be high and I will have to live with that but it sure stings - twice. Once when I open it and then when I write the check.

Even the pool is hot. A little tidbit about me - I do not like hot water. I do not like to bathe in hot or even warmer water. I am not a fan of sitting in a mass of water that is hot at all. Now cold is too cold. I like cool to warm. So the pool right now is on the warm side and that is just nauseating to me. But the children like it. They don't care. Well actually they do. When Sarah and our friends went to the pool recently when Paul, Katie and I were at the emergency room for her lip (another blog at another time), they went to the pool and only stayed about 20 minutes. Should have sent her with shampoo and soap and had her clean up.

So as I write I am dreading this afternoon. Paul and his band, In His Company, are playing at the Mandeville Seafood Festival tonight on the Dew Drop stage. After they play Paul is playing with FBC Cov's worship team. It will be a long evening. I want to go see the Radiators at 4:30 but just don't know if I can take being out that long (and I suspect it will be crowded). Oh - we could go in the lake for a dip or at least get out feet wet. Hmmm.

Friends, stay cool. Stay indoors. Keep hydrated. Pray for a cool snap. It could happen. I need to go figure out what I am wearing so that when I get drenched today I won't be weighed down. Misery will have company.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Why I like Summer

Everyone is making lists or answers questions on lists these days on the facebook interweb thing. I do not do these for many reasons - time, effort, and too much to think about and type. But I have been thinking about some things today that make me happy about summer. I thought I'd list them for you. There is no ranking here - just thoughts.

1. The smell of coconut - lotion, candles, drinks, whatever. Love coconut.
2. Get to sleep later than 6:45 a.m. except during VBS, camp weeks and if we happen to go on vacation and need to get up early to drive to get to the park, etc.
3. Swimming.
4. BBQ and ice tea. Now we do this all year but it just fits better in the summer.
5. Seasonal fruits and vegetables. Just bought 2 seedless watermelons and I think I almost single handed ate one of them. I have a new love for melons. Did not like cantaloupe when I was a child. Mine like it. Cool.
6. Growing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and herbs.
7. The smell of fresh cut grass.
8. The smell of rain.
9. Snoballs. Plum Street hands down chocolate.
10. Wearing my Volatile sandals.
11. AC.
12. Going to the farmers market for vegetables.
13. Going on vacation.
14. Cleaning house - really cleaning. Organizing. Purging. Storing away treasures.
15. The beach.
16. Shrimp.
17. Being with the kids.
18. VBS.
19. Knowing school starts in August.
20. It gets dark later.
21. Baseball.
22. Waterparks. Swimming pools. Sprinklers. Hoses. Water in general.
23. Basketball.
24. Scrapbook retreat/crop/weekend and being with my peeps.

Now that was so positive of me. It was hard not to throw in the negatives. So what is a girl to do - list those negatives, of course.

1. School is out.
2. It is some kind of hot and muggy.
3. Bathing suits.
4. Shorts.
5. Work is at the same pace and the kids are at home so it makes it hard to get things done.
6. I just wanna play.
7. Lazy days, lazy girl.
8. Sunburn.
9. The electric bill is ridiculous.
10. May not be able to go on vacation this year.
11. Camping.
12. Hurricanes and evacuations.
13. Baseball. (I know I put it on Likes but sometimes it always seems to be on.)
14. The sounds of fighting.
15. Mosquitoes. Oh ok. They are out almost the whole year round but I'm not.
16. Watering the grass.
17. Bad snoballs.
18. Sweating like a faucet. Sweating is ok but not soaking.
19. Children boredom which leads to mother bothersome.

I guess that's it for now. Looks like the positives outweigh the negatives. Cool.

Happy summer everyone. Have lots of fun , don't forget your sunscreen, have lots of fun and make sure you are ready in case you have to evacuate. We'll probably be here on a staycation this year unless we win the HGTV Green House.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So you want to renew your driver's license...

Today I decided to look into renewing my driver's license since it will expire this month. I went on line first to renew my car's registration. Filled out the form, used the info from my renewal statement that came in the mail, hit send, voila registration completed.

Next I was ready to renew my driver's license. When I go to the first page this is what I see:

Step 1a: Certify Conditions
By exercising this method of renewal, I am certifying under penalty of law the following:
- I have received a Louisiana computer generated mail-in renewal invitation.
- I have not experienced any loss of consciousness other than normal sleep.
- I do not have any mental or physical condition that would impair my ability to operate a motor vehicle safely.
Blah-de-blah blah about registration - so on and so forth, amen.

I certify the above statements to be true and correct. Yes, No

Ok. First what the heck do they mean have I not loss consciousness other than normal sleep. Really? Are they really asking this on this form? I just find that bizarre. Secondly - can I really honestly say I have no mental condition. I am almost 50 years old with 2 kids under 11 years old, own my own business with plenty stressful episodes daily, and so goes my life. Are they really expecting me to answer this honestly? Third(ly?), I am too honest sometimes. I can not continue on because I did not get a renewal in the mail.

So, now I have to call the DMV (or in the New Orleans area - the driver''s license place). After going through the automated directions (now here is a blog just waiting to happen - computer generated voice directions vs. a human - ok, a human that speaks English as their first or second language. People we live in the USA. Our official language is English. I expect to speak English or have someone at least understand English when they are in customer service. Another time though.) I am in the queue for 7 minutes, caller number 20. Thank goodness for speaker phones. Not only does the DMV have music on hold but helpful tips about driving, getting your license, registration and so on.

When I do speak to a customer service rep I am told that I can not renew on line because I did not get a renewal/invitation. She said they are like jury duty - some people get them and some don't. She said that when I go to the DMV (synonymous with going to the dentist or GYN) to make sure I have paperwork, my license and cash - $24.50. Now why? Why not $25? Will they make change? No check. No credit card. Just cash. $24.50. And she says to be sure when I get my license that my name and address is correct before I get out of line. I did not ask but I suppose if you are walking out, see they spelled your name wrong or gave you a different name or address and you go back, you have to pull a number and wait all over again. Now I don't know about you but that is just wrong.

I do not relish the idea of having to go there in the first place. The pool of humanity can be off the charts. There are things being said, stories being told or scenarios that just make my mind run amok that I would rather not experience. Secondly I feel intimidated in there. They have the power and they know it. I ain't messing around with them - you best believe. I want quick in and quick out. A nice photo would be a bonus but they can't pose you or tell you that "The first shot makes you look fat. Let's take another one darlin." Oh no. "Look here." Click. "That's all you get now move on." That's it for the next 2 years. And how about the weight question? I hope I don't get a look over the glasses or a "A huh". That would set me off and I can't afford to do that.

So wish me luck. Maybe I can use the experience for another blog. Or maybe I should pray I get a renewal form/invitation in the mail next time. Watch me get jury duty instead.

I'm off to unconsciousness.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

10 years ago

Ten years ago around this time I was being driven to the hospital in Massachusetts to be admitted for a scheduled C-section for our first child. It was a misty morning and I was nervous and excited at the same time. We just moved to Massachusetts a few days prior. I went to see my new OB on a Thursday and he said "Looks like we'll have a baby on Monday". My reaction - "This Monday. Like the Monday after this Saturday Monday. Can we wait?" He said I could, but for how long. "A month or so maybe?" I replied. I was not ready. I just moved from New York, had boxes and boxes to open, things to put away, we did not have a changing table or any furniture for that matter. We borrowed Sheila and Kevin's baby bassinet. Fortunately for us, Cindy was in to see her folks in Conn. and she drove over to see us. When you need action done, Cindy is the one to call. She took good care of us and got all we needed for those first days.

So I remember the op room. Not a place that is cheery. It probably made me more nervous than ever. I can't recall all the procedures except for the arms out routine, the draping, the tugging and such. I however vividly remember when the doctor delivered the baby and showed her to me over the drape. Something came flying towards me before the baby so I was stunned when I saw the little one. They took her and cleaned her up, checked her out, measured her and such. Paul was right next to me. Staring down at me. He looked ashen. He kept stroking me. Then they gave the baby to Paul and he brought her down to me. All I could see was her face. She was a cocoon with a cap. But to me she was beautiful. I fell utterly, totally, fully and unconditionally in love with this child. Right there.

After I was all taken care of, we were in a recovery room. Us. Our new family. Our new baby - Sarah - Paul and me. Paul held her oddly at first. I suppose he was being very cautious. After awhile he did bring her to me in the bed. I stared at that child for the beginning of an eternity. There was nothing more important or more interesting to me at that time. Just Sarah.

And now 10 years later I reflect on what a wonderful child my Saz is. She is smart, talented, funny, beautiful, interesting, good hearted, and a blessed child of God. She is so precious to me. I love her with all I am. God has shown me what love is for a child that I never could have understood before. He has shown me what my mom feels, which I never did understand before.

Not everyday is a bed of roses I do have to admit. Those of you who know us know that I am at wit's end most days; some new adventure to traverse on a daily basis around here.

But all in all I am so proud of my Saz. She's a great kid. Thank you God for this child and for the blessing to be her mother. I prayed so many days for a child and You have answered my prayer many fold.

Happy Birthday my little pooka. Here's to your first decade. I love you dearly.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Jazz Fest and I'm not there :(

Jazz Fest starts today. Love Jazz Fest. Jazz Fest was one of the main reasons I wanted to move back home . (OK, the cold weather, high housing costs and lack of great food were up there too, not to mention being around family) Jazz Fest is so much better than Mardi Gras. Great music of all types - jazz, gospel, rock, zydeco, Cajun, kids and so on. I love it all. I especially love the gospel tent. The music coming out that tent is so rich and encompassing. And so many of my favs are coming this year. OK I have odd taste perhaps but I love Joe Cocker, James Taylor, Dave Matthews, Emmy Lou Harris, Bonnie Raitt, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The Neville Brothers and The Radiators. Is Marva Wright going to be there? Love her. Jakob Taylor, The Robert Cray Band, Los Lobos will all be there. Erykah Badu, Rebirth Brass Band and the Imagination Movers. And oh so many more. MANY. Check out the line up http://www.nojazzfest.com/ .

$50 a day.

Now I am NOT saying this is not the best deal in the world - all these bands (and there are too many to count) for $50 a day. (Oh - they are playing on 5 days, not all on one day. Cher. That would be too much.) But $50. That is $110 for the 4 of us (kids $5 - now that is a DEAL). I can't pick what day I would go. And see that is another issue - parking. They do have parking in some spots but it is mostly hit or miss or park and ride.

And then there is food. The food is spectacular. And the crafts -oh the crafts are out of site. Some crafts people are history lessons of themselves and their art/trade.

Then there are the posters, the shirts, and so on.

And the weather is to be picture perfect. Hot now but no rain which means no mud.

Now if I could get free tickets, darlin' that would be sweet. Still not sure when I would go but it would make it all easier. Anyone have free tickets they want to share?

So I guess I will have to admire from afar - and I mean afar. I can go on the website and get the simulcast on 5/2 and 5/3 I suppose. Crack open a cool beverage of some nature. Break out the watercolors or clay. Stand in the sun in the backyard. Park the car 20 blocks away and go get it. That could give me some of the flava.

So here's to the 40th New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Guess the Nevilles will have to close without me - unless any Neville is reading and wants to donate some tickets?

If you can go - please do and let me know how it was. Just don't rub it in! Don't forget your sunscreen.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Candy Day

Can someone explain to me why every holiday has to have some sort of candy associated with it? Is the candy industry secretly running the country? I mean every time you turn around there is candy - the same candy mind you but wrapped in a different color or designed wrapper.

Start with Halloween. What is Trick or Treating without candy? Nothing. Sure you can pop some popcorn and buy some erasers and pencils but candy is meant to be handed out. OK. I get that.

Then it's Thanksgiving. OK, candy is not priority but it is available say for hostess gifts. Then Christmas. You name it and it is available, for stockings mostly but also for gifts and candy dishes.

Valentine's Day holds the market on candy I think. Say you just want roses or jewelry but candy is king.

Easter is also a big candy holiday. I happen to know that the Easter Bunny also gives out sports balls, dolls, knick knacks, gizmos and chips. But he prefers to distribute the sugary stuff. Oh and edible grass.

Mother's Day. There's a big candy holiday.

And then we rest for awhile. Guess the candy manufacturers go on vacation in the summer.

Maybe the dental association runs the country. Or Jenny Craig?

There is some candy I can just do without. Anything with marshmallows. Yuck. Anything with liquid goo inside. Yuck. Fruit flavored hard candy. Yuck. Fruit flavored hard candy with some jam like substance inside. Oh yuck. Floral flavored candy. Yuck. Jaw breakers. The dental association must be behind this. Sticky candy. See?

Now notice chocolate did not get on the list. Chocolate is the bomb and there is no substitute. Dark is preferred however milk is very good as well. Now to throw a kink in there - white chocolate. Back to yuck.

So now we have to purge this home of the evil stuff. I know I have a weakness for it. Hard to "be good" and have kisses and Dove bars around.

So happy belated candy holiday. I hear a malted milk ball calling my name. Shut up!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


(First off I love using that word. Secondly I am always wondering if I am spelling it correctly. I used to write it this way - ya'll. But about 5 years ago I learned that it was wrong. So now I question myself when I write it. Anyway...)

I think I have see it all and then something new comes down the pike. The other morning on the Today Show they were showing gadgets. We always have the tv on in the office while we are working and turn it down when we need to talk on the phone. Otherwise we have on the news, the Today Show, House, Law & Order, stock (yawn) news... something. Occasionally we put on concerts. But in the a.m., we watch Matt, Meredith Ann and Al.

So they show this gadget. It is for a tombstone. It has a video screen. One can play the video when visiting the grave site. This is the best link I can find right now - www.vidstone.com.

Now really. I do think this ices the cake. They have them for pet memorials too.

People, maybe I just see things differently. Scratch that. I know I see things differently. I feel like I am from another world sometimes. This is a bit off. I find it a bit creepy to view a person and lots of photos of the deceased after they are gone at the grave site. Hey that's what scrapbooking is for.

If you have one of these do-hics and I have offended, I apologize. But seriously. Why? Who takes care of it should it go crazy - too much sun or rain? Or just it having the effects of time on it. I know my computer needs care every so many days so how is this thing-a-ma-jig going to hold out? And who puts the "show" together?

Ok. I have wasted too many moments of potential sleep on this. I must sign off. Need to get my rest so I can find something new to crown this.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Capers of all sorts and sizes

I love my children. God has shown me what unconditional love is. He has it for me and I have it for my kids. God is patient with me and I am not so patient. I mean I wonder what in the world makes these girls tick. God already knows.

Tonight we are getting Katie to bed. Now to tell Katie to clean her room is like telling her to mess it up even more. You have to stand there and point by point tell her what to do. Here is where the no patience comes in. I either get more upset, or I walk away or worse I go in and take over. I have to. If I do not, the room will be a danger zone. Seriously. If you are missing something, go to Katie's room. Somewhere in there you will find what you are missing squirreled away.

So back to tonight, I hear Paul telling Katie to clean off her bed. (Sarah also has a room issue and the bed is my bane of contention with her. How can one sleep under books, blankets, clothes - clean and dirty - shoes, toys and who knows what else? Don't even think I approve of that but sometimes at day's end, I just want them in bed.) Katie is walking into the kitchen with crazy straws by the handful. Several trips. I decide to go in the room - even after being forewarned by my caring husband. (Today I had a long talk with God and asked Him to help me as a mother. I decided I would not let things get to me so much. I knew Satan would be all over that and throw as many curve balls at me as he could. Paul must have received a clue that I was trying to maintain today.)

I go in and it is not bad and not great. I start picking up and pointing out stuff on the bed. She has a boxed marble candle stick holder on the bed. She has a box of Aveda soaps that I got as a Christmas gift on her bed. 3 soaps. One is under her pillow unwrapped. Of course she has a sundry of toys and clothes on her bed and when I turned to the closet I looked down because something odd catches my eye. A jar of capers. A brand new jar that I bought yesterday. It has been opened and a quarter of the capers and liquid is missing.

Now, maybe this does not seem so odd but I have to say I am awestruck. I live with a pack rat. The rat from Charlotte's Web. I look to my husband and we start laughing in utter disbelief. Paul tells me he has nothing. He does not know how to manage this. I am past that.

I take the capers and leave. Kiss the child good night and walk to the refrigerator to put away the salty berries. And then I decide to type. Because frankly besides pray with which I will be doing in a bit, I just don't know.

I love that child.

I am missing a black cooking spoon. Bet it is in there. Think I'll hold off until tomorrow to look.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Post and win

Hey. Go to this site and post and maybe or maybe you may win a spot at ScrapEtc.'s event in Atlanta in May. Don't forget to mention I sent ya. Maybe I can get the chance to go too!


Reality TV - really?

Finally. A day to take a breath. I need to go to the grocery. No coffee in the house. But no, I can't even get to the Walmarts. Work is keeping me busy. Now if I can just close some deals. I am not a sales person by nature. I don't like sales people calling me so I equally don't like calling others. But hey, we have to pay bills.

So, I have been working tonight and have the TV on. The amount of junk or odd topics on TV is staggering. I had on a show on the Travel network on buffets or places that serve large meals. There is a place in the SW that serves a 15 lb. hamburger. It was gianormous. Four guys were going to eat it. Think about that. If equally split that would be almost 4 lbs. a piece. 4 lbs. It had 20 slices of cheese on it. I have never seen such a thing. That burger could feed a village in a third world country.

Then I saw a show on little girls competing in a beauty pageant. Who in their right mind takes a gorgeous natural beauty and turns her into Tammy Faye Baker to compete in a "beauty" contest? These kids had dyed hair, fake eyelashes, makeup to stump the anchors of the Today Show and fake nails. What in the world? BTW - interesting piece of info. I saw a woman on the Today Show this a.m. She wrote a book on girls self esteem and self image. She stated that she went to Africa and studied young girls there. They do not get the same media coverage of what a girls should look like, be like, etc. and she found their self esteem levels were higher than our girls here in the USA. After watching the beauty pageant I can understand the study a lot better.

I saw a show topic on the guide - why weight gain is in fact better for you. Thought about watching that but then felt the extra tire on my waist and chose not to, so I would not have another excuse to lean on.

Then there was Dog. You know Dog the Bounty Hunter. I enjoy the show but am so intrigued as to how good Beth looks. She has lost weight. Her chest is less chesty. Her hair is loonngg. I think she looks good. If I looked like her I would wear tank tops and leather pants, too, I think. Don't you find that would suit me?

After Dog was a show set in Louisiana - The Exterminators. It's a family business and they say dude a lot. These dudes go to places and rid the premises of rates, bugs, bats, whatever vermin may lie. Tonight it was raccoons and raccoon poop. Also they found a mummified rat. Nice.

Paul now has on Myth Busters and I am ignoring it. He told me that there is a new reality show coming on with Billy Mays. You know the OxyClean guy. It's called Pitch Men. I think it's about inventors and how to pitch their products. Paul says the tag line is Stop the Yelling and Start Selling. That's almost as sad as the show on the loggers. Or the Exterminators dudes.

Now I love Dirty Jobs. Mike really makes the show. And I like Biggest Loser. And I think that is it for reality. American Idol just doesn't move me. Hasn't really since Taylor won. Whew.

Think I will start a show. Here's the idea. A couple works together day in and day out together - have been for over 18 years (in computer years which is like dog years, that's like 105 years), have a business with craziness all about, 2 wild and unpredictable children a house in constant need of something and dissarray with a landscape that looks like a weed museum, with no time to do much of anything but remain stressed and rushed. Sounds like a loser which means it will be a winner. Don;t know if I could take the cameras though. How do Jon and Kate take it? 8 kids and cameras!

Now we have on a show -a real show. Trust Me is the name of it - about an ad agency in Chicago. I like it very much. Hits that creative side of me that is screaming to come out. Yeah yeah - after the accounting, the sales, the laundry, meals, school prep, blah, blah, blah.

Ok. Now the ExtenZe commercial is on. Need to turn off the tv. Dude. Shut up!

Friday, March 20, 2009

No lie

OK. They are home again. Sick. My babes. My offspring. My love angels on earth.

They are hungry. "Katie, what do you want for breakfast?" " A salami sandwich and pickles." There was no prompting from me. I could not (well, yes I could because I am the Mom and I know my girls. OK. Rabbit trail - isn't it amazing how in a room full of kids you can still hear your child's voice when she calls Mom out? I even saw a mom call to her daughter, in a soft voice, from about 10 feet away in a crowded loud room and the 2 1/2 year old heard her. Amazing.) believe it.

So I did what all moms or scrapbooking moms would do. I took a photo. Here she is.
Side note - I was looking on google for the name of a person who sells pickles (anyone see Crossing Delancy with Amy Irving?). Turns out it is pickle-maker.

But oh this is what I found...
You must see this. I did not know about this and now am intrigued.

OK. Off to tend to other issues in the home. Need to make lunch. No telling what that is going to be.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 5

Child one is still home. Did not listen to aging parent on Wednesday, got "overheated" (my generation's word from our parents) and had low grade fever this morning during normal prep time for school. Well enough to control remote, aggravate and whine incessantly.

Child two is home as well. High fever on the thermometer but not on the Mom hand. Well enough to fight, whine and want to swing and ride a scooter (oh no she did not).

Mom is holding up. Working at home full time, trying to keep the house clean (HA), doing laundry, cooking meals, being a short order cook to fever ridden children, answering phones, running errands all leaves no time for utter compassion or nice behavior towards children and spouse. I wish I could be that Mom who has on heels, a large petticoated skirt with tidy sleeves and pearls, hair pulled back, who is in the kitchen with an apron on (speaking of apron Kerry you da bomb. Can I give the link for the aprons?) cooking chicken noodle soup from scratch (hey I do make CNS from scratch) and is lovingly attending to my sick babe as she lays all neatly covered in her bed, hair pulled back by a satin ribbon. But no. Instead I am a sweat panted, sneaker footed, hopefully bathed within the past 48, opening cans of Sam's choice CNS and serving it in a plastic bowl to kids who are trashing the living room with a million tissues, soda cans, snack bowls, papers, crayons, glue scissors, a zillion little pieces of cut paper, dressed in mismatched tops and bottoms with unbrushed hair. Forget Barbie. June Cleaver is messing with my head.

"Mom I want pickles for breakfast." Pickles. What I ask is wrong with my child? Last week was rice. How about olives and corn? What happened to cereal, toast, grits? Now it's "I want a salami sandwich." Now I must say with utter pride that my children are not picky eaters. Sarah is pickier than Katie but all in all they eat most everything. No spinach, asparagus, or baked fish. They are just crazy. Katie ate capers with her meal last night. She will suck the garlic off garlic bread. And she loves "snushi". I am not complaining. These kids get mostly balanced meals daily and they eat without argument, for the most part. But the weird requests sometimes baffle me. Hey I've had my share of cold pizza or spaghetti for breakfast but I do believe that was due to economics and something that occurred the night before. But pickles for breakfast? Oh no.

So tomorrow, the alarm will go off. I will drag out of bed, brush my teeth and check on the girls to see who has fever and who will be going to school, with the Mom hand and then the thermometer. Think Katie may be home due to the 24 hour fever rule and her possible being contagious with the flu. Better make sure we have enough pickles on hand.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A, B ... it's all flu to me

Imagine this scene. It's a fall Sunday. We are all at church. St. Tammany Parish Hospital, I believe through the Parenting Center (try to give credit where due) is giving flu shots to anyone who wishes for $10 a shot. Well, those of you who know me and know me by one of my nicknames - Frugal Beth - know if I see a deal that we can use - well, yes I am going to partake of it. $10? What can I get for $10? Not much these days. 10 items at Target in the Dollar isle - well actually 9 due to tax, 2 big kid meals at McDonald's, a sushi lunch with a non-alcoholic beverage, 9 itunes, well you get the picture. $10? I can not get the flu shot for $10 at the doctor's office. Just me signing in on the clipboard there costs me $10.

So, I decide to get the shot. I fill out the paperwork. I pay. I get the shot. It does not even hurt. Cakewalk.

Now I have to convince the fam to each get one. I get Sarah and show her what is going on. I try to convince her that it is a good thing to do. She is not buying it. After talking and bribery of books, she gives in. I tell her we will do it after the service, that we will get Dad and Katie and all together they will get their shots. She agreed with apprehension.

So during service I devise a plan to get Katie, fill out the paperwork , bring Katie behind the curtain and distract her while the nurse made her move. If I would have told her, she would have been out of control. So I am holding her and talking to her, making her look at me and wham, prick, pow, she is immunized. She is shocked and starts to cry. I feel guilty, all the while Sarah is getting her dose. Stickers, candy, whatever is distributed. All done. Flu free. Except Paul. He won't do it. No sirree Bob. He just plain and simple won't. There was a lot of clucking going on.

Fast forward to Sunday, as in last night. Sarah feels cold in a warm house. I threaten that she WILL go to school on Monday. (See here is an excellent illustration for those of you wondering what you have to do to make Mother of the Year. Threaten your sick child.) I take her temp and it is 102.7. Great. Not only does she feel bad but I feel guilty as well. Throughout the night I give her Motrin and it really is not taking care of the fever very well. She stayed home today from school and has been blowing her nose all day. Her fever got as high as 103.5 and that's when I called the nurse at the doctor's office. She said Sarah has the flu but needs to be seen to determine what meds to get.

We get over there as soon as Katie gets home, Sarah get seen, gets a swap of her throat for strep (no strep) and a swab in her nose for the flu (yes flu). Flu B. There is an A and a B. She has B. Swell. Seems the deal of the century flu shot only covered A. Now I can get Sarah meds that are quite expensive and that MAY relieve her symptoms and shorten her down time by a day or two but after the doctor said she did not do that for hers (oh all right first was the fact it was expensive then that) I decided we would just let nature take its course. So now I have paid for a doctor visit, a strep test and a flu test. And Sarah still feels lousy. No meds. (The whole insurance thing is another blog to which I have no energy to discuss tonight.)

So she must stay home until she is fever free for 24. No school. No soccer. No shopping. No eating out. No Mom going anywhere to do anything. No sanity.

Why did she get B and not A? Poor girl. Truly I feel sorry for her. She is a good little patient. Hate to see my kids sick. But it gives me a glimpse of when they were younger. Plus they have less energy to fight.

So keep you hands washed, use that anti bac and if need be stay away from the general public. It seems to be the only way to stay well. Oh and a $10 flu shot for type A.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm back

Wow. Mid-February since my last post. What in the world was I doing? I have been meaning to write but something always seems to take over my time and creative energy. I have even been saving info for theme ideas so that when the day came I would have some material. Not that my family isn't material enough.

OK for instance I took Sarah to Old Navy on Sunday. They said they had $12 jeans. Why do I always fall prey to sales? FYI - $12 for kids - adults $19. Still a bargain. Almost can't pay that at Walmarts.

Anyway I digress as I always do and it is my style. Sarah is not the A-list shopper that I have cultivated myself to be. Baby, I can do a shopping marathon. When other are tired, fatigued, hungry and ready to throw in the towel, I still have the stamina to shop. It was great when the girls were little and I could use the stroller to pick packages, lean on the handle and have a place for my drink in the cup holder. Now, can't use the stroller. Why has no one (a mother who's child has grown let's say) invented a shopping stroller? I'm not talking a geriatric walker thing with the wire cart on the front (although I did get my AARP card this past month - another blog another time). I think I will invent that. Hear that. Don't steal my ideas now. Just imagine how much more shopping could be done with a shopping stroller. The possibilities are endless. I could hook up a WIFI or an itunes port. Maybe a calculator and a swing table top (for lunch or writing checks). I'm doing it. Seriously.

OK back to Sarah and Old Navy. First we have to find clothes that we agree on. Please someone tell me who the fool is that thinks low rise on a 9 year old is a fashion statement. I want to slap them into reality. I do not want to see any butt cracks. No one tucks in shirts like they did in my day so what is a child to do when she needs to bend over? Next is it the same foolish designer of the low rise jean who also thinks a bikini bottom should be made of the least amount of material possible? Cutting costs on fabric? And the plunging neckline? Dear Lord. Please let me find some inexpensive options for a 9 year old that look good and cover appropriately.

So we get what ever appropriate and negotiated clothing into the dressing room and then IT starts. The goofy 9 year old erupts right there before my eyes in the 2'x 2' dressing room. She can't get the clothes off/on, she is standing on the clothes and can't pull them up, she is admiring herself in the mirror(s), she is driving me crazy. She is laughing uncontrollably and oddly.

Now we have about 16 items to try on. We spend about 30 minutes in there. I suppose the number average about 2 minutes for each item but it is actually feeling like 2 hours. I threaten, I bulge my eyes, I give that cutting look. I almost cry. I even use physical force - the old squeeze the arms - to get her to stop. Just stop acting like... like.... oh for Pete's sake I can't even explain. Those of you out there who have or had a 9/10 year old girl - you know what I am talking about. The child is 9/10 and acts responsibly most of the time, likes tween things and all and yet acts like she is 4 sometimes. Argh!

So just when I am ready to ground her for life she says to me, "Trying on clothes is hard work." HAHAHAHAHA. That was just what I needed to stop the craziness stirring inside of me. "Oh yeah. So many people die from trying clothes on. It's so tragic." I tell her. Wonder if that is true? I mean for the mothers?

I did end up walking out of the dressing room and not harming my child. Yeah me. We did find age appropriate clothes. Yeah Old Navy (and for $10 a pair of jeans). I did get a good laugh. Yeah Sarah.

Finally finished some things I have been working on in my scarce free time. Now I have more time to write about things that no one really cares about per se but to which many can relate. Thanks Denise for the nudge and encouragement. That was sweet and got me back on the blog.

Got to run. Going shopping with Sarah. Pray for a miracle.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Little bit of this and scrap

Here are a few layouts I have done of my favorite subjects - Paul, Sarah and Katie. Most layouts are of everyday things, a cute shot, something I want to remember and want them to remember.

Take a peek.

Friday, February 6, 2009

When will I stop being surprised about things?

Katie just came into the office and asked me to help her get her hand out of the Clorox wipes container. It was stuck. Proceeded to do so as she explained why she needed a wipe. I looked at her angelic face and immediately notice the bubble gum pink colored lipstick all over not just her lips but her lower chin and her Cupid's bow to her nose. Now why? Can't she feel that? I tell her she has a bit too much on and she informs me that she knows, that she was putting it on and had nothing to wipe her hand on except the wing chair she was sitting in. So she needed the Clorox wipe. So I got her one. Have not seen the chair yet. Why do I even care?

Still waiting on a check from a client for work we did in May 2008. Sent the invoice in ($30) 3 times and then a notice of a late fee maybe charged. She called me to tell me she wanted to discuss the invoice. She was angry that we charged her for work that she called and requested we do for her. No I don't have an MBA in business but usually when one wants work done, we exchange service for money. Oh no. Not her. She was dang blang mad that she had to pay. Wonder if I can do that with my utility companies?

Just got a phone call. Looked at user id - SCAM ARTIST with the number. No lie. I will have to take a photo of it.

We are trying to switch insurance companies. We just don't feel we are spending money wisely with our current provider. I spent 2 hours yesterday applying with Humana. I received an email that I was not going to be covered. I called today and was told that due to my weight and height I was a high risk. Now I am the first to admit I need to lose weight. I even went to the fitness center today (and I will pay for that tomorrow physically). But we live in southern LA. Half of the population is fat and not all of us are tall. What irks me is that I have a beautiful clean bill of health but none of that is considered. Dang Humana. Now I have to spend more time this week calling other companies.

The state of Pennsylvania wants to charge me sales revenue tax (Foreign Franchise Tax of which we are not foreign or a franchise thank you) since May 2006. That is when our ex-co-worker moved there after she fled from Katrina. The state feels compelled to charge me revenue tax for her living there. Now mind you I pay into the state for payroll related taxes. Come on. This is ridiculous. Dang PA.

Sarah has to compose a little something-something to speak about for Black History month over the school's intercom system. She needs to sum it up in less than 30 seconds. Yeah. That's just not do-able. What the hey?

We have a fountain in front of the dining room window. The pump does not work correctly (first non-shocking news) and often gets green. Paul was told he could put bleach in the fountain to kill the algae. Well, the fountain had foam in it for weeks. Weeks. Why pray tell? Paul said he put bleach in the fountain. Clorox. Clorox for colors. This is why Paul does not do the laundry around here (or maybe that is his ploy?).

Speaking of bleach, Katie just showed me some drawings she did on stapled sheets of loose leaf paper. I taught her yesterday how to bleed markers on coffee filters. She thought that she could do that tonight on loose leaf. But her liquid of choice is from the Clorox wipes that she previously had her hand stuck in the container.

Now she is riding the pizza disc that came from a Whole Foods store bought pizza on the floor in the living room. She thinks it is a sled.

Now none of this is earth shattering and thank God nothing is fatal. It just gives me a constant question mark across my brow. Dang wrinkles.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I can not believe I have not blogged since January 15. My, am I really too busy to waste time writing about mindless things to open air that no one reads? Obviously. Until now. A little peace and quiet and little interruption. Only one problem - what do I have to say today?

I could talk about the stimulus package but why? There is really nothing I could say that would make any difference, instead I would only get what I think off my chest.

Hmmm, I could talk about the Super Bowl but truly unless the Saints would be in it (yeah, right) I really don't care who wins. I do like the commercials and the parties though.

Let see I could talk about the business. No. Not now. I am off and let's that be that.

Okay - how about the kids?Yeah, the kids. OK, well, Sarah joined a soccer league. (She has on her uniform right now and she is practicing and I have to say she looks pretty cute. And her number is 7!) She had her first practice this past Monday and her first game is Saturday. Her coach and assistant coach are so very nice and encouraging. The girls on the team welcomed Sarah as if she has been with them all along . (History => Sarah has never played soccer before, said maybe PE in school. This is the very first time. 9 years old. Never too late I suppose.) So, I asked the coach today if she was going to let Sarah play on Saturday and she said "Oh yeah. Of course. The only way to learn is to play." Hope she still feels that way on Saturday. After the game that is. I know Saz will do fine but it is scary to see your offspring put herself out there to possibly get hurt, be embarrassed, run the wrong way towards the opponent's goal or be so tired she wants to faint. But then she may just be a good player, kicker, whatever they call players and what they do (Note to self - look up soccer terms on the web.). She may very well show us all.

Katie has decided that the TV has all the answers to life's problems. Got a zit? Use ProActive. Need to find your keys in your purse? You need the do-hick that hangs in the purse to find such. Needs to lose weight? Take your pick - Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, those fat melting pills. But now she has taken it too far. (OK, for those of you who maybe asking, why is she watching so much TV? First - shut it. Second - live in my house for 2 days and you will be kissing that TV every morning. Third - she does not watch that much but she and Saz are hooked on I Love Lucy. Go figure.)

Sunday as we were driving to church, I asked Katie if she was going to give some money to the church out of the cupcake container she had in the car (that she was rattling incessantly). She was not answering me. I explained what the money goes towards and how the church needs it. I told her it was God's money anyway. Pregnant pause. Then she proceeds to inform me emphatically - "Mom. They say on TV that it's my money and I want it now." Thank you J G Wentworth. OK. Funny. Laughed really hard. I tried to explain that what they are saying does not correspond to what I was saying. I don't think anything was sinking in her brain. Shock.

Last night Katie gives me a letter size piece of paper. It has a phone number on it and CALL NOW written in her kindergarten handwriting. "What is this Katie?" "This is the number you call when you want your money." .................. She froze the DVR taped commercial from the I Love Lucy episode and wrote down the number for me, along with six faces of people - some happy, some sad. Imagine how proud I am. Maybe she'll be an investment banker.

OK. The peace and quiet has turned into slam fighting, whining/crying/complaining, yelling and tattling. Oh wait. Now it is laughter. I live in the crazy house, full of TV commercial solutions. But no TV for awhile. TV has been taken away until the rooms get cleaned. Guess I won't be getting any advice for quite some time.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hair musings

Ok, so I told Paul about the hairbag comment and he said that I probably should not refer to hair, or long hair on dudes, since he is a long haired dude and all. But I was not ragging on the dudes in particular. so I just want to be clear. Any person of either gender, please refrain from letting hair hanging directly in your face. Gees.

I watched Jay Leno or The Tonight Show 2 nights ago. Mickey was on. I had just written my blog entry about him and the hair and then Paul made the comment. I felt a little bad UNTIL he comes out, sits down and lets a piece of his hair HANG in his face for the first half and almost the second half of his interview. I had to mentally block out the hair (which not only was hanging but was attached to either his facial hair or his lip) so I could hear what he was saying, which that all is another entry. FINALLY he must have seen it or felt it when he removed his glasses (circa Annie Hall, which I loved for oh so many years). Yeah Mickey.

I guess I can't stand the hair in the face thing even more since my precious Katie likes to make a "fluffy" with a loop of her "lellow" locks and then let it go to HANG in her face. Argh. It drives me! It is part of the plan to make me completely loose my mind I am certain. Sarah had a hair thing too. When she was under 2 1/2 she would have to sit in my lap, suck her thumb and hold my hair, which often got in my face, pulled, yanked, you get the picture. So maybe this all is related?

Still, people, please. The look may be cool but it says "You a fool." (Still - I'm not judging - just saying.)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One of oh so many pet peeves

I was watching the Golden Globes - half heartedly as I had to do some work at the same time. Anyway I was kind of thrown off with the format, the way the presenters described the roles, the rapid fire announcing. I'm sure I missed a lot from running in and out of the room, getting kids to bed, getting things ready for school, going to the bathroom - you know stuff. But I was in the room when Mickey Rourke won. Now let me say that I am not one to (admit to) judge or criticize so I will just go on record to say I just ask why? And here is the why of why... why do people let their hair hang in their faces when they are speaking/singing/having a discussion/presenting/accepting an award/whatever????? (Had to use multiple question marks to represent my curiosity and disdain. You understand.)

I have seen it way to many times - hair hanging in the face, in the eyes, in the mouth. People... first it looks stupid (don't tell my kids I used the s word). How can you honestly see? Really? It has to be distracting. You do not look mysterious. You are not hiding. You simply look moronic. Is there some movie or fad people follow to make them do this? Are English Sheepdogs influencing style now?

Please - use a headband/barrette/clip/ponytail holder/tiara/cap/staple/tape whatever is needed to get your hair out of your face. Doesn't have to be fancy. Heck you aren't doing anything now so anything would be a step above.

I thank you.

Now what did Mickey win for anyway? Oh yeah some hairbag role. Figures.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gene genie

I am having a moment here. Hold on. Let me relish in it a little. Ok.

My desk is 60% clean, maybe 70% if I organize my paper holder thingies. Now for those of you who I dare let see my desk, you would be amazed. For those of you who have not seen where I spend most of my day and a good part of my night, where I supposedly earn a living of some nature and where I act like an actor that plays an accountant, well you would think 70% is bad. Real bad.

See I have a problem with filing. Heck, let's just say I have a problem with organization in it's widest form. I longingly look at Pottery Barn catalogs, surf through Martha Stewart's Tips for an Organized House, Pantry, Home Office - whatev Martha! - online and wonder did I not get that organization gene? I have 4 siblings. 3 are on the cusp of obsessive compulsive (I say this with utter love and jealousy in some ways) with having their domain, car, who knows where else, clean. Organized. Picked up. In order. Do these words not mean anything to me?

And I wonder why my girls' rooms look like a category 3 passed through. Now I read articles and know that a clean room is good but letting the girls have a life beyond making sure their rooms are pin neat is better. I would like to say I concur and therefor that is why one needs a GPS on some days to locate the bed. But no. I know that they are not neat and organized because of moi. (note: I am French through my ancestry and feel I can use french wherever I see fit.)

So we have to get it together around here and that is what I am trying to do with my desk. Baby steps. I actually filed paperwork and bills today after did what I had to do with the papers in hand. I even found a drawer in the file cabinet that I have not seen in many moons. Seriously. I forgot we had anything in there or could it be because I have not visited it in so long. I simply don't even look that way.

I have to stop typing and organize a few pieces on my desk before I go wash dishes and fold clothes. Seems that I do have the housekeeping gene. Darn it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Weighting issues

Day 2 of trying not to eat junk eating plan. Have to say it is going pretty well. I don't think I'll be shedding weight like they do on The Biggest Loser but hopefully I can get back on the wagon. First Place is a great program and thank the Lord it is starting back up tomorrow night. Tonight I had a hankering for something something while I was cooking dinner and I just stood in the pantry (for those who do not know, my pantry is some large - larger than the powder room. I go there sometimes to get away from the kids while I am on the phone or in the summer I go in there to cool off for a spell.) and asked God to please get it off my mind and work the craving out. And it worked. Thank you God.

Tonight we watched The Biggest Loser. The "new season" began tonight. Now the last "season" ended 2 weeks ago. And Ali was gimundo-prego. But in "this season's TBL" she is not. When do they tape these shows? Does anyone know how long it is between when the contestants go home, the last 3, and the finale?

Anyweight, in one week the contestants tonight lost unbelievable amounts of weight. One guy lost 32 or 34 lbs. Now he has some on him now but still. If I could lose 34 lbs. in a week I could be in my goal weight in time for Super Bowl. (Please don't write to me and tell me that all they do is workout and I would never be able to lose that kind of weight in a normal environment and that to safely and effectively lose weight one should not lose more than 2 - 3 lbs. a week cuz I already know that. Thanks.) I'm just saying, dang that is a lot of weight to lose. The lowest weight lose was 11 lbs. 11! Still mighty high I say. This is not reality tv. Who do you know loses 32 lbs. in a week? Although how many people do you know live in a mansion and act like fools to get a rose or a rock star? Reality my foot.

What could I do if I could work out all day? Sarah asked me tonight, "If you and Dad were on TBL and one of you had to go home who would it be?" (because that is what happened tonight - 1 of the 2 in the couple had to go home, and the contestants that are still there in 30 days, their other member would come back). I said Dad would stay because he is stronger and could win the challenges better than I could. Sarah said "Yeah because you have to come home and do the laundry and cook and stuff." See housework just gets in the way. Sheesh.

Finally how do these people lose this weight and not have bags under their arms or on their thighs. They can't go under the knife and be healed in that short amount of time. I have not seen any scars when they raise their arms up in the air in celebration.

And why do they have to take their shirts off or wear their bra while weighing? Do the shirt and sandals weigh that much? I must admit that I do that - take off the shoes. How silly. Although one day I weighed my shoes and they were over a lb. so I can see why for those. But on TBL, they wear some form of the flip flop. (And please do not write to me and say well you know it makes for good tv to see the rolls and such - make sure they look as obese as possible.)

Lord. Must take a certain somebody to go on TBL. Must be stronger than we think. God bless them.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Launch Day and Nothing to Say

Well, hello blog world. Today is Launch Day for A House Full of Crazy and I have spent more time trying to get this to look somewhat appealing, then figuring out what I want to post. As a designer I will probably keep changing the way it looks but as a busy woman - well, it may just stay the same for awhile.

This Christmas "vacation" has had its moments, both good and bad. I am with guilt looking forward to Monday. Yeah, I have to work too but without hearing arguing, filling short order food requests, finding things for the poor bored children to do (the kitchen floor in need of cleaning has been mentioned more than a half dozen times) for about 8 hours before having to "discuss" homework application, fixing dinner and getting my pretties ready for the next day. (That was a major run on sentence.)

Sarah just came in to say she can't sleep. It's 11 PM. We have been staying up too late and getting up even later. Monday at 6:30 AM ... I hate to face it. I must say I do enjoy the sleeping part of the "vacation". I look forward to it. I don't actually sleep more - just different hours. Something so collegiate about staying up late, watching tv, chatting on facebook, then getting up after 8, okay sometimes 9. I used to work a 10 - 6:30 shift when I worked at Kinko's in Baton Rouge. I LOVED that shift. Best of both worlds. Stay up late. Get up late. But I have to save that sleep pattern for "vacations".

Why do I keep putting vacation in quotes? Well, it is "vacation" when we don't go anywhere, which we have done so many times in the past at Christmas time. But this year, we stayed home. And so we had "vacation" here at the crazy house, only it ain't no vacation my friend. I commiserate with several of my girlfriends who feel that the school board needs another option for breaks. We are in full agreement that the kids should have a shorter time off - you know for moms' sake (and sanity). Hey I pay taxes for the schools. Can't there be a program for the kids to attend so that their parents can 1. shop, 2. work, 3. keep the house clean? Now I know if you are a teacher you are using some unsavory words at this point (and I am a child of a retired Jefferson Parish elementary school teacher so I know) but see, I have to work, too. Kerry has a plan but I am not sure if it will work. But ,hey I'll go for developing a plan of some nature if it means some brain cells will be saved.

And so now it is late and I have blogged something. Don't know if it is worth reading but those who love me will give me props for trying. I am off to my last night of delicious sleep - until MLK Day. Vacation?