Thursday, July 22, 2010

Long time no write

It has been some long since I wrote. I always think I need to write something big or funny or something worth the time the reader is spending sharing a part of my life. I read different blogs and some are just snapshots of the blogger's day, random thoughts, likes, dislikes, photos ... well, you know. So I decided I will try to use brevity and blog more often but without so much.

So now, what do I post?

Shall I tell you about my day so far? Sarah and Katie are at Winshape C3 camp at church (9 to 5 baby!) and today was Village Day and Raving Fan Parking Lot. The girls are in different "villages". Saz is in Alpine -she is a ram (how appropriate) and Kates is in the Ocean village - she is a tigershark (also appropriate).

The van had to be decorated half and half. We drew, painted, cut, glued and got all ready last night. At 7:30 we left for church and pulled up in the parking lot to assemble the van with decorations. Now we may not win, b/c there were a few really cute cars are rigged out, but we had spirit.

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