Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A new year

I cringe this time of year - resolution time - "Fresh new year" , "Time to start over, " Make yourself a better you". I agree with the idea of it all but it actually is just another day in life - another week, month, year. I shouldn't have to wait for a date to start fresh again. I should have the where-with-all to do it when it is needed.

Needless to say I have trouble sticking to resolutions. That's why this year I'm starting low and working up, baby.

2011 Resolutions

1. Make a 1 out of the 0 to correct 2010 to read 2011 on all correspondence and checks.
2. Bathe daily.
3. Stop ordering more magazines.
4. Take meds daily.
5. Get a GPS on my keys.
6. Stop asking if I can sing in my husband's group.
7. Learn how to type the word estimate not estaimate.
8. Remember it is only a football game when watching the Saints play.
9. Start packing a week ahead of time when going out of town for a crop, instead of the night before and thus bringing almost all I own.
10. Discover who I am and try not to long to be who I think I used to want to be.
11. Enjoy life.

While I am at this I will try to exercise more, eat right and spend more time with the kids.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.


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