Friday, February 6, 2009

When will I stop being surprised about things?

Katie just came into the office and asked me to help her get her hand out of the Clorox wipes container. It was stuck. Proceeded to do so as she explained why she needed a wipe. I looked at her angelic face and immediately notice the bubble gum pink colored lipstick all over not just her lips but her lower chin and her Cupid's bow to her nose. Now why? Can't she feel that? I tell her she has a bit too much on and she informs me that she knows, that she was putting it on and had nothing to wipe her hand on except the wing chair she was sitting in. So she needed the Clorox wipe. So I got her one. Have not seen the chair yet. Why do I even care?

Still waiting on a check from a client for work we did in May 2008. Sent the invoice in ($30) 3 times and then a notice of a late fee maybe charged. She called me to tell me she wanted to discuss the invoice. She was angry that we charged her for work that she called and requested we do for her. No I don't have an MBA in business but usually when one wants work done, we exchange service for money. Oh no. Not her. She was dang blang mad that she had to pay. Wonder if I can do that with my utility companies?

Just got a phone call. Looked at user id - SCAM ARTIST with the number. No lie. I will have to take a photo of it.

We are trying to switch insurance companies. We just don't feel we are spending money wisely with our current provider. I spent 2 hours yesterday applying with Humana. I received an email that I was not going to be covered. I called today and was told that due to my weight and height I was a high risk. Now I am the first to admit I need to lose weight. I even went to the fitness center today (and I will pay for that tomorrow physically). But we live in southern LA. Half of the population is fat and not all of us are tall. What irks me is that I have a beautiful clean bill of health but none of that is considered. Dang Humana. Now I have to spend more time this week calling other companies.

The state of Pennsylvania wants to charge me sales revenue tax (Foreign Franchise Tax of which we are not foreign or a franchise thank you) since May 2006. That is when our ex-co-worker moved there after she fled from Katrina. The state feels compelled to charge me revenue tax for her living there. Now mind you I pay into the state for payroll related taxes. Come on. This is ridiculous. Dang PA.

Sarah has to compose a little something-something to speak about for Black History month over the school's intercom system. She needs to sum it up in less than 30 seconds. Yeah. That's just not do-able. What the hey?

We have a fountain in front of the dining room window. The pump does not work correctly (first non-shocking news) and often gets green. Paul was told he could put bleach in the fountain to kill the algae. Well, the fountain had foam in it for weeks. Weeks. Why pray tell? Paul said he put bleach in the fountain. Clorox. Clorox for colors. This is why Paul does not do the laundry around here (or maybe that is his ploy?).

Speaking of bleach, Katie just showed me some drawings she did on stapled sheets of loose leaf paper. I taught her yesterday how to bleed markers on coffee filters. She thought that she could do that tonight on loose leaf. But her liquid of choice is from the Clorox wipes that she previously had her hand stuck in the container.

Now she is riding the pizza disc that came from a Whole Foods store bought pizza on the floor in the living room. She thinks it is a sled.

Now none of this is earth shattering and thank God nothing is fatal. It just gives me a constant question mark across my brow. Dang wrinkles.

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