Thursday, January 29, 2009

I can not believe I have not blogged since January 15. My, am I really too busy to waste time writing about mindless things to open air that no one reads? Obviously. Until now. A little peace and quiet and little interruption. Only one problem - what do I have to say today?

I could talk about the stimulus package but why? There is really nothing I could say that would make any difference, instead I would only get what I think off my chest.

Hmmm, I could talk about the Super Bowl but truly unless the Saints would be in it (yeah, right) I really don't care who wins. I do like the commercials and the parties though.

Let see I could talk about the business. No. Not now. I am off and let's that be that.

Okay - how about the kids?Yeah, the kids. OK, well, Sarah joined a soccer league. (She has on her uniform right now and she is practicing and I have to say she looks pretty cute. And her number is 7!) She had her first practice this past Monday and her first game is Saturday. Her coach and assistant coach are so very nice and encouraging. The girls on the team welcomed Sarah as if she has been with them all along . (History => Sarah has never played soccer before, said maybe PE in school. This is the very first time. 9 years old. Never too late I suppose.) So, I asked the coach today if she was going to let Sarah play on Saturday and she said "Oh yeah. Of course. The only way to learn is to play." Hope she still feels that way on Saturday. After the game that is. I know Saz will do fine but it is scary to see your offspring put herself out there to possibly get hurt, be embarrassed, run the wrong way towards the opponent's goal or be so tired she wants to faint. But then she may just be a good player, kicker, whatever they call players and what they do (Note to self - look up soccer terms on the web.). She may very well show us all.

Katie has decided that the TV has all the answers to life's problems. Got a zit? Use ProActive. Need to find your keys in your purse? You need the do-hick that hangs in the purse to find such. Needs to lose weight? Take your pick - Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, those fat melting pills. But now she has taken it too far. (OK, for those of you who maybe asking, why is she watching so much TV? First - shut it. Second - live in my house for 2 days and you will be kissing that TV every morning. Third - she does not watch that much but she and Saz are hooked on I Love Lucy. Go figure.)

Sunday as we were driving to church, I asked Katie if she was going to give some money to the church out of the cupcake container she had in the car (that she was rattling incessantly). She was not answering me. I explained what the money goes towards and how the church needs it. I told her it was God's money anyway. Pregnant pause. Then she proceeds to inform me emphatically - "Mom. They say on TV that it's my money and I want it now." Thank you J G Wentworth. OK. Funny. Laughed really hard. I tried to explain that what they are saying does not correspond to what I was saying. I don't think anything was sinking in her brain. Shock.

Last night Katie gives me a letter size piece of paper. It has a phone number on it and CALL NOW written in her kindergarten handwriting. "What is this Katie?" "This is the number you call when you want your money." .................. She froze the DVR taped commercial from the I Love Lucy episode and wrote down the number for me, along with six faces of people - some happy, some sad. Imagine how proud I am. Maybe she'll be an investment banker.

OK. The peace and quiet has turned into slam fighting, whining/crying/complaining, yelling and tattling. Oh wait. Now it is laughter. I live in the crazy house, full of TV commercial solutions. But no TV for awhile. TV has been taken away until the rooms get cleaned. Guess I won't be getting any advice for quite some time.


  1. I may adopt your Katie into my own clan, as she would fit right in with the Faler children who are disappointed they cannot order off the tv as they are not yet 18.

  2. at least she's not quoting the Extenze commercial!