Monday, March 16, 2009

A, B ... it's all flu to me

Imagine this scene. It's a fall Sunday. We are all at church. St. Tammany Parish Hospital, I believe through the Parenting Center (try to give credit where due) is giving flu shots to anyone who wishes for $10 a shot. Well, those of you who know me and know me by one of my nicknames - Frugal Beth - know if I see a deal that we can use - well, yes I am going to partake of it. $10? What can I get for $10? Not much these days. 10 items at Target in the Dollar isle - well actually 9 due to tax, 2 big kid meals at McDonald's, a sushi lunch with a non-alcoholic beverage, 9 itunes, well you get the picture. $10? I can not get the flu shot for $10 at the doctor's office. Just me signing in on the clipboard there costs me $10.

So, I decide to get the shot. I fill out the paperwork. I pay. I get the shot. It does not even hurt. Cakewalk.

Now I have to convince the fam to each get one. I get Sarah and show her what is going on. I try to convince her that it is a good thing to do. She is not buying it. After talking and bribery of books, she gives in. I tell her we will do it after the service, that we will get Dad and Katie and all together they will get their shots. She agreed with apprehension.

So during service I devise a plan to get Katie, fill out the paperwork , bring Katie behind the curtain and distract her while the nurse made her move. If I would have told her, she would have been out of control. So I am holding her and talking to her, making her look at me and wham, prick, pow, she is immunized. She is shocked and starts to cry. I feel guilty, all the while Sarah is getting her dose. Stickers, candy, whatever is distributed. All done. Flu free. Except Paul. He won't do it. No sirree Bob. He just plain and simple won't. There was a lot of clucking going on.

Fast forward to Sunday, as in last night. Sarah feels cold in a warm house. I threaten that she WILL go to school on Monday. (See here is an excellent illustration for those of you wondering what you have to do to make Mother of the Year. Threaten your sick child.) I take her temp and it is 102.7. Great. Not only does she feel bad but I feel guilty as well. Throughout the night I give her Motrin and it really is not taking care of the fever very well. She stayed home today from school and has been blowing her nose all day. Her fever got as high as 103.5 and that's when I called the nurse at the doctor's office. She said Sarah has the flu but needs to be seen to determine what meds to get.

We get over there as soon as Katie gets home, Sarah get seen, gets a swap of her throat for strep (no strep) and a swab in her nose for the flu (yes flu). Flu B. There is an A and a B. She has B. Swell. Seems the deal of the century flu shot only covered A. Now I can get Sarah meds that are quite expensive and that MAY relieve her symptoms and shorten her down time by a day or two but after the doctor said she did not do that for hers (oh all right first was the fact it was expensive then that) I decided we would just let nature take its course. So now I have paid for a doctor visit, a strep test and a flu test. And Sarah still feels lousy. No meds. (The whole insurance thing is another blog to which I have no energy to discuss tonight.)

So she must stay home until she is fever free for 24. No school. No soccer. No shopping. No eating out. No Mom going anywhere to do anything. No sanity.

Why did she get B and not A? Poor girl. Truly I feel sorry for her. She is a good little patient. Hate to see my kids sick. But it gives me a glimpse of when they were younger. Plus they have less energy to fight.

So keep you hands washed, use that anti bac and if need be stay away from the general public. It seems to be the only way to stay well. Oh and a $10 flu shot for type A.

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  1. Lots of warm tea with lemon and warm apple juice. Be sweet to that sick baby Frugal Beth! I am thinking about y'all!