Friday, March 20, 2009

No lie

OK. They are home again. Sick. My babes. My offspring. My love angels on earth.

They are hungry. "Katie, what do you want for breakfast?" " A salami sandwich and pickles." There was no prompting from me. I could not (well, yes I could because I am the Mom and I know my girls. OK. Rabbit trail - isn't it amazing how in a room full of kids you can still hear your child's voice when she calls Mom out? I even saw a mom call to her daughter, in a soft voice, from about 10 feet away in a crowded loud room and the 2 1/2 year old heard her. Amazing.) believe it.

So I did what all moms or scrapbooking moms would do. I took a photo. Here she is.
Side note - I was looking on google for the name of a person who sells pickles (anyone see Crossing Delancy with Amy Irving?). Turns out it is pickle-maker.

But oh this is what I found...
You must see this. I did not know about this and now am intrigued.

OK. Off to tend to other issues in the home. Need to make lunch. No telling what that is going to be.

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