Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's too hot y'all!

Happy July 5th. Thought I would give the 5th a day of attention since the 4th got so much.

Summer is fully here my friends in the tropics of south east Louisiana. Last week I spent the weekend in a cabin in the swamp. Notice I say in the cabin. Well it would have been too difficult to crop (scrapbook) outside anyway but we really did not venture outside except to get better cell phone reception. (Side note - why is it that when you can't get tower or whatever it is that you need to make a phone call, you can text?) Back to the swamp - we did not go out also because it is so dang hot. Africa hot. The kind of hot when you walk outside you immediately start sweating. Now I am no fan of sweat, it's ok. But faucet pouring sweat down the face, the head from the scalp, behind the knees, even down the back is just yuck, if you do not have workout clothes or a bathing suit on. Today we looked at for the forecast - 96 degrees (another side note - how do you type the symbol for degrees? Anyone?) with 66 % humidity. Heck - you can drink the air with that much humidity.

This past week, well for most of it, it has been unbearably hot. I just want to say to anyone who HAS to work out side for a living - I feel so badly for you. Please drink a lot of water and find some shade. Actually if you can find shade it is not as bad. Who am I kidding? I was under a house (elevated) yesterday and last night and it was hhhhooooottttt.

The girls have been a bit bored and have decided that fighting at any given chance would help wain the hours away. I have threatened all sorts of punishments but one really is effective - "You will have to go outside for the rest of the day if you don't stop ....." Now surely you know that I would not just throw them out of the house into the back yard. I would be sure they had water. No really I can't do that unless there was a water feature in the backyard like, ummm, a hose. Even peace and quiet is thwarted by the dang heat.

What scares me most of all is the electric bill. I dread getting it. I know it will be high and I will have to live with that but it sure stings - twice. Once when I open it and then when I write the check.

Even the pool is hot. A little tidbit about me - I do not like hot water. I do not like to bathe in hot or even warmer water. I am not a fan of sitting in a mass of water that is hot at all. Now cold is too cold. I like cool to warm. So the pool right now is on the warm side and that is just nauseating to me. But the children like it. They don't care. Well actually they do. When Sarah and our friends went to the pool recently when Paul, Katie and I were at the emergency room for her lip (another blog at another time), they went to the pool and only stayed about 20 minutes. Should have sent her with shampoo and soap and had her clean up.

So as I write I am dreading this afternoon. Paul and his band, In His Company, are playing at the Mandeville Seafood Festival tonight on the Dew Drop stage. After they play Paul is playing with FBC Cov's worship team. It will be a long evening. I want to go see the Radiators at 4:30 but just don't know if I can take being out that long (and I suspect it will be crowded). Oh - we could go in the lake for a dip or at least get out feet wet. Hmmm.

Friends, stay cool. Stay indoors. Keep hydrated. Pray for a cool snap. It could happen. I need to go figure out what I am wearing so that when I get drenched today I won't be weighed down. Misery will have company.

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  1. Well... Did you wear your bikini? I know they played well. Are you feeling better? Let's try for lunch at Times on Sunday. TTYL