Sunday, June 7, 2009

Why I like Summer

Everyone is making lists or answers questions on lists these days on the facebook interweb thing. I do not do these for many reasons - time, effort, and too much to think about and type. But I have been thinking about some things today that make me happy about summer. I thought I'd list them for you. There is no ranking here - just thoughts.

1. The smell of coconut - lotion, candles, drinks, whatever. Love coconut.
2. Get to sleep later than 6:45 a.m. except during VBS, camp weeks and if we happen to go on vacation and need to get up early to drive to get to the park, etc.
3. Swimming.
4. BBQ and ice tea. Now we do this all year but it just fits better in the summer.
5. Seasonal fruits and vegetables. Just bought 2 seedless watermelons and I think I almost single handed ate one of them. I have a new love for melons. Did not like cantaloupe when I was a child. Mine like it. Cool.
6. Growing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and herbs.
7. The smell of fresh cut grass.
8. The smell of rain.
9. Snoballs. Plum Street hands down chocolate.
10. Wearing my Volatile sandals.
11. AC.
12. Going to the farmers market for vegetables.
13. Going on vacation.
14. Cleaning house - really cleaning. Organizing. Purging. Storing away treasures.
15. The beach.
16. Shrimp.
17. Being with the kids.
18. VBS.
19. Knowing school starts in August.
20. It gets dark later.
21. Baseball.
22. Waterparks. Swimming pools. Sprinklers. Hoses. Water in general.
23. Basketball.
24. Scrapbook retreat/crop/weekend and being with my peeps.

Now that was so positive of me. It was hard not to throw in the negatives. So what is a girl to do - list those negatives, of course.

1. School is out.
2. It is some kind of hot and muggy.
3. Bathing suits.
4. Shorts.
5. Work is at the same pace and the kids are at home so it makes it hard to get things done.
6. I just wanna play.
7. Lazy days, lazy girl.
8. Sunburn.
9. The electric bill is ridiculous.
10. May not be able to go on vacation this year.
11. Camping.
12. Hurricanes and evacuations.
13. Baseball. (I know I put it on Likes but sometimes it always seems to be on.)
14. The sounds of fighting.
15. Mosquitoes. Oh ok. They are out almost the whole year round but I'm not.
16. Watering the grass.
17. Bad snoballs.
18. Sweating like a faucet. Sweating is ok but not soaking.
19. Children boredom which leads to mother bothersome.

I guess that's it for now. Looks like the positives outweigh the negatives. Cool.

Happy summer everyone. Have lots of fun , don't forget your sunscreen, have lots of fun and make sure you are ready in case you have to evacuate. We'll probably be here on a staycation this year unless we win the HGTV Green House.

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  1. Come vacation with us!!! We would have an awesome time! SERIOUSLY! We also want to plan the N.O. trip too. Love your list. I like so many things about Summer. I will especially like it when I start work back full-time in the fall! Love ya!