Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reality TV - really?

Finally. A day to take a breath. I need to go to the grocery. No coffee in the house. But no, I can't even get to the Walmarts. Work is keeping me busy. Now if I can just close some deals. I am not a sales person by nature. I don't like sales people calling me so I equally don't like calling others. But hey, we have to pay bills.

So, I have been working tonight and have the TV on. The amount of junk or odd topics on TV is staggering. I had on a show on the Travel network on buffets or places that serve large meals. There is a place in the SW that serves a 15 lb. hamburger. It was gianormous. Four guys were going to eat it. Think about that. If equally split that would be almost 4 lbs. a piece. 4 lbs. It had 20 slices of cheese on it. I have never seen such a thing. That burger could feed a village in a third world country.

Then I saw a show on little girls competing in a beauty pageant. Who in their right mind takes a gorgeous natural beauty and turns her into Tammy Faye Baker to compete in a "beauty" contest? These kids had dyed hair, fake eyelashes, makeup to stump the anchors of the Today Show and fake nails. What in the world? BTW - interesting piece of info. I saw a woman on the Today Show this a.m. She wrote a book on girls self esteem and self image. She stated that she went to Africa and studied young girls there. They do not get the same media coverage of what a girls should look like, be like, etc. and she found their self esteem levels were higher than our girls here in the USA. After watching the beauty pageant I can understand the study a lot better.

I saw a show topic on the guide - why weight gain is in fact better for you. Thought about watching that but then felt the extra tire on my waist and chose not to, so I would not have another excuse to lean on.

Then there was Dog. You know Dog the Bounty Hunter. I enjoy the show but am so intrigued as to how good Beth looks. She has lost weight. Her chest is less chesty. Her hair is loonngg. I think she looks good. If I looked like her I would wear tank tops and leather pants, too, I think. Don't you find that would suit me?

After Dog was a show set in Louisiana - The Exterminators. It's a family business and they say dude a lot. These dudes go to places and rid the premises of rates, bugs, bats, whatever vermin may lie. Tonight it was raccoons and raccoon poop. Also they found a mummified rat. Nice.

Paul now has on Myth Busters and I am ignoring it. He told me that there is a new reality show coming on with Billy Mays. You know the OxyClean guy. It's called Pitch Men. I think it's about inventors and how to pitch their products. Paul says the tag line is Stop the Yelling and Start Selling. That's almost as sad as the show on the loggers. Or the Exterminators dudes.

Now I love Dirty Jobs. Mike really makes the show. And I like Biggest Loser. And I think that is it for reality. American Idol just doesn't move me. Hasn't really since Taylor won. Whew.

Think I will start a show. Here's the idea. A couple works together day in and day out together - have been for over 18 years (in computer years which is like dog years, that's like 105 years), have a business with craziness all about, 2 wild and unpredictable children a house in constant need of something and dissarray with a landscape that looks like a weed museum, with no time to do much of anything but remain stressed and rushed. Sounds like a loser which means it will be a winner. Don;t know if I could take the cameras though. How do Jon and Kate take it? 8 kids and cameras!

Now we have on a show -a real show. Trust Me is the name of it - about an ad agency in Chicago. I like it very much. Hits that creative side of me that is screaming to come out. Yeah yeah - after the accounting, the sales, the laundry, meals, school prep, blah, blah, blah.

Ok. Now the ExtenZe commercial is on. Need to turn off the tv. Dude. Shut up!

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