Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Candy Day

Can someone explain to me why every holiday has to have some sort of candy associated with it? Is the candy industry secretly running the country? I mean every time you turn around there is candy - the same candy mind you but wrapped in a different color or designed wrapper.

Start with Halloween. What is Trick or Treating without candy? Nothing. Sure you can pop some popcorn and buy some erasers and pencils but candy is meant to be handed out. OK. I get that.

Then it's Thanksgiving. OK, candy is not priority but it is available say for hostess gifts. Then Christmas. You name it and it is available, for stockings mostly but also for gifts and candy dishes.

Valentine's Day holds the market on candy I think. Say you just want roses or jewelry but candy is king.

Easter is also a big candy holiday. I happen to know that the Easter Bunny also gives out sports balls, dolls, knick knacks, gizmos and chips. But he prefers to distribute the sugary stuff. Oh and edible grass.

Mother's Day. There's a big candy holiday.

And then we rest for awhile. Guess the candy manufacturers go on vacation in the summer.

Maybe the dental association runs the country. Or Jenny Craig?

There is some candy I can just do without. Anything with marshmallows. Yuck. Anything with liquid goo inside. Yuck. Fruit flavored hard candy. Yuck. Fruit flavored hard candy with some jam like substance inside. Oh yuck. Floral flavored candy. Yuck. Jaw breakers. The dental association must be behind this. Sticky candy. See?

Now notice chocolate did not get on the list. Chocolate is the bomb and there is no substitute. Dark is preferred however milk is very good as well. Now to throw a kink in there - white chocolate. Back to yuck.

So now we have to purge this home of the evil stuff. I know I have a weakness for it. Hard to "be good" and have kisses and Dove bars around.

So happy belated candy holiday. I hear a malted milk ball calling my name. Shut up!

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  1. oooohhhh, those milk balls called my name all damn day! just do like we did.... we ate all of the candy we possibly could in 2 days... hardly anything left! (only the stuff i have hidden for monthly emergencies!)