Tuesday, April 7, 2009


(First off I love using that word. Secondly I am always wondering if I am spelling it correctly. I used to write it this way - ya'll. But about 5 years ago I learned that it was wrong. So now I question myself when I write it. Anyway...)

I think I have see it all and then something new comes down the pike. The other morning on the Today Show they were showing gadgets. We always have the tv on in the office while we are working and turn it down when we need to talk on the phone. Otherwise we have on the news, the Today Show, House, Law & Order, stock (yawn) news... something. Occasionally we put on concerts. But in the a.m., we watch Matt, Meredith Ann and Al.

So they show this gadget. It is for a tombstone. It has a video screen. One can play the video when visiting the grave site. This is the best link I can find right now - www.vidstone.com.

Now really. I do think this ices the cake. They have them for pet memorials too.

People, maybe I just see things differently. Scratch that. I know I see things differently. I feel like I am from another world sometimes. This is a bit off. I find it a bit creepy to view a person and lots of photos of the deceased after they are gone at the grave site. Hey that's what scrapbooking is for.

If you have one of these do-hics and I have offended, I apologize. But seriously. Why? Who takes care of it should it go crazy - too much sun or rain? Or just it having the effects of time on it. I know my computer needs care every so many days so how is this thing-a-ma-jig going to hold out? And who puts the "show" together?

Ok. I have wasted too many moments of potential sleep on this. I must sign off. Need to get my rest so I can find something new to crown this.

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