Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gene genie

I am having a moment here. Hold on. Let me relish in it a little. Ok.

My desk is 60% clean, maybe 70% if I organize my paper holder thingies. Now for those of you who I dare let see my desk, you would be amazed. For those of you who have not seen where I spend most of my day and a good part of my night, where I supposedly earn a living of some nature and where I act like an actor that plays an accountant, well you would think 70% is bad. Real bad.

See I have a problem with filing. Heck, let's just say I have a problem with organization in it's widest form. I longingly look at Pottery Barn catalogs, surf through Martha Stewart's Tips for an Organized House, Pantry, Home Office - whatev Martha! - online and wonder did I not get that organization gene? I have 4 siblings. 3 are on the cusp of obsessive compulsive (I say this with utter love and jealousy in some ways) with having their domain, car, who knows where else, clean. Organized. Picked up. In order. Do these words not mean anything to me?

And I wonder why my girls' rooms look like a category 3 passed through. Now I read articles and know that a clean room is good but letting the girls have a life beyond making sure their rooms are pin neat is better. I would like to say I concur and therefor that is why one needs a GPS on some days to locate the bed. But no. I know that they are not neat and organized because of moi. (note: I am French through my ancestry and feel I can use french wherever I see fit.)

So we have to get it together around here and that is what I am trying to do with my desk. Baby steps. I actually filed paperwork and bills today after did what I had to do with the papers in hand. I even found a drawer in the file cabinet that I have not seen in many moons. Seriously. I forgot we had anything in there or could it be because I have not visited it in so long. I simply don't even look that way.

I have to stop typing and organize a few pieces on my desk before I go wash dishes and fold clothes. Seems that I do have the housekeeping gene. Darn it.


  1. can you please come fold a few baskets of clothes.