Saturday, January 3, 2009

Launch Day and Nothing to Say

Well, hello blog world. Today is Launch Day for A House Full of Crazy and I have spent more time trying to get this to look somewhat appealing, then figuring out what I want to post. As a designer I will probably keep changing the way it looks but as a busy woman - well, it may just stay the same for awhile.

This Christmas "vacation" has had its moments, both good and bad. I am with guilt looking forward to Monday. Yeah, I have to work too but without hearing arguing, filling short order food requests, finding things for the poor bored children to do (the kitchen floor in need of cleaning has been mentioned more than a half dozen times) for about 8 hours before having to "discuss" homework application, fixing dinner and getting my pretties ready for the next day. (That was a major run on sentence.)

Sarah just came in to say she can't sleep. It's 11 PM. We have been staying up too late and getting up even later. Monday at 6:30 AM ... I hate to face it. I must say I do enjoy the sleeping part of the "vacation". I look forward to it. I don't actually sleep more - just different hours. Something so collegiate about staying up late, watching tv, chatting on facebook, then getting up after 8, okay sometimes 9. I used to work a 10 - 6:30 shift when I worked at Kinko's in Baton Rouge. I LOVED that shift. Best of both worlds. Stay up late. Get up late. But I have to save that sleep pattern for "vacations".

Why do I keep putting vacation in quotes? Well, it is "vacation" when we don't go anywhere, which we have done so many times in the past at Christmas time. But this year, we stayed home. And so we had "vacation" here at the crazy house, only it ain't no vacation my friend. I commiserate with several of my girlfriends who feel that the school board needs another option for breaks. We are in full agreement that the kids should have a shorter time off - you know for moms' sake (and sanity). Hey I pay taxes for the schools. Can't there be a program for the kids to attend so that their parents can 1. shop, 2. work, 3. keep the house clean? Now I know if you are a teacher you are using some unsavory words at this point (and I am a child of a retired Jefferson Parish elementary school teacher so I know) but see, I have to work, too. Kerry has a plan but I am not sure if it will work. But ,hey I'll go for developing a plan of some nature if it means some brain cells will be saved.

And so now it is late and I have blogged something. Don't know if it is worth reading but those who love me will give me props for trying. I am off to my last night of delicious sleep - until MLK Day. Vacation?


  1. YEAH!! So glad to see this finally! Hope you can find more to say than I do. I can talk all day long, but when I need to put something on these bloggy things, UH I clam up. We will work through this together!! TTYL and congrats on a GREAT start!

  2. PS I think we have the same background!!!

  3. no, it's not a vacation, it's a Staycation!