Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hair musings

Ok, so I told Paul about the hairbag comment and he said that I probably should not refer to hair, or long hair on dudes, since he is a long haired dude and all. But I was not ragging on the dudes in particular. so I just want to be clear. Any person of either gender, please refrain from letting hair hanging directly in your face. Gees.

I watched Jay Leno or The Tonight Show 2 nights ago. Mickey was on. I had just written my blog entry about him and the hair and then Paul made the comment. I felt a little bad UNTIL he comes out, sits down and lets a piece of his hair HANG in his face for the first half and almost the second half of his interview. I had to mentally block out the hair (which not only was hanging but was attached to either his facial hair or his lip) so I could hear what he was saying, which that all is another entry. FINALLY he must have seen it or felt it when he removed his glasses (circa Annie Hall, which I loved for oh so many years). Yeah Mickey.

I guess I can't stand the hair in the face thing even more since my precious Katie likes to make a "fluffy" with a loop of her "lellow" locks and then let it go to HANG in her face. Argh. It drives me! It is part of the plan to make me completely loose my mind I am certain. Sarah had a hair thing too. When she was under 2 1/2 she would have to sit in my lap, suck her thumb and hold my hair, which often got in my face, pulled, yanked, you get the picture. So maybe this all is related?

Still, people, please. The look may be cool but it says "You a fool." (Still - I'm not judging - just saying.)


  1. Speaking of hair, did you make your appt yet? I want to come and film and document the occassion and scrapbook your journey!!!! btw, you would look great with the haircut everyone told you about....