Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Weighting issues

Day 2 of trying not to eat junk eating plan. Have to say it is going pretty well. I don't think I'll be shedding weight like they do on The Biggest Loser but hopefully I can get back on the wagon. First Place is a great program and thank the Lord it is starting back up tomorrow night. Tonight I had a hankering for something something while I was cooking dinner and I just stood in the pantry (for those who do not know, my pantry is some large - larger than the powder room. I go there sometimes to get away from the kids while I am on the phone or in the summer I go in there to cool off for a spell.) and asked God to please get it off my mind and work the craving out. And it worked. Thank you God.

Tonight we watched The Biggest Loser. The "new season" began tonight. Now the last "season" ended 2 weeks ago. And Ali was gimundo-prego. But in "this season's TBL" she is not. When do they tape these shows? Does anyone know how long it is between when the contestants go home, the last 3, and the finale?

Anyweight, in one week the contestants tonight lost unbelievable amounts of weight. One guy lost 32 or 34 lbs. Now he has some on him now but still. If I could lose 34 lbs. in a week I could be in my goal weight in time for Super Bowl. (Please don't write to me and tell me that all they do is workout and I would never be able to lose that kind of weight in a normal environment and that to safely and effectively lose weight one should not lose more than 2 - 3 lbs. a week cuz I already know that. Thanks.) I'm just saying, dang that is a lot of weight to lose. The lowest weight lose was 11 lbs. 11! Still mighty high I say. This is not reality tv. Who do you know loses 32 lbs. in a week? Although how many people do you know live in a mansion and act like fools to get a rose or a rock star? Reality my foot.

What could I do if I could work out all day? Sarah asked me tonight, "If you and Dad were on TBL and one of you had to go home who would it be?" (because that is what happened tonight - 1 of the 2 in the couple had to go home, and the contestants that are still there in 30 days, their other member would come back). I said Dad would stay because he is stronger and could win the challenges better than I could. Sarah said "Yeah because you have to come home and do the laundry and cook and stuff." See housework just gets in the way. Sheesh.

Finally how do these people lose this weight and not have bags under their arms or on their thighs. They can't go under the knife and be healed in that short amount of time. I have not seen any scars when they raise their arms up in the air in celebration.

And why do they have to take their shirts off or wear their bra while weighing? Do the shirt and sandals weigh that much? I must admit that I do that - take off the shoes. How silly. Although one day I weighed my shoes and they were over a lb. so I can see why for those. But on TBL, they wear some form of the flip flop. (And please do not write to me and say well you know it makes for good tv to see the rolls and such - make sure they look as obese as possible.)

Lord. Must take a certain somebody to go on TBL. Must be stronger than we think. God bless them.


  1. Only you Bethey! That's why I love you!!

  2. at least they don't weigh themselves naked.

  3. geez kerry... that would be just nasty.. the men i mean all dangly and stuff.... eeewwww!